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"Thank you Coach Chris for teaching my daughter, Gaby, how to drive and helping her to get her license. You did an amazing job with her!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!"

"David passed the driver’s test! Thank you for a great lesson and valuable tips. The “bobble head” tip was perfect. The examiner praised David for always looking around. You provide a valuable service to our community."

"Chris is an excellent driving instructor; I learned everything in only two hours and a half and now I feel ready for the test.  He gives you pointers to get an even better score. Driving with him was very easy and fun, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Picking someone else would be a mistake."


What you'll learn with Driving Coach Chris:

  • Safe Driving Skills
  • Accident Avoidance
  • Rules of the Road
  • Awareness of Your Surroundings
  • The Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol and Distracted Driving
  • What to do if Pulled Over by a Police Officer

Learn to Drive with Coach Chris

Driving Coach Chris, Inc. is a licensed and insured Miami driving school that offers behind-the-wheel instruction and license exam preparation for teenager drivers in South Florida.

Ready to start? Call or email now! 305-972-3850 |